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Roofing and Siding

Protection from the Elements.

Wind, Sun, Rain, Snow, Heat, Cold—The elements in nature deteriorate the underlying structure of our homes over time. The way to protect that structure is with quality roofing (with gutter) and siding. Whether timber or stone, factors such as moisture, temperature and sunlight can and will effect the longevity of your home. You must maintain a good roof and siding if you want to have a healthy structure and interior.

A weak roof and poor siding can also make living conditions uncomfortable, such as cold interiors in winter and hot humid interiors in summer, water leaks and rodent guests throughout the year.

Home Solutions Partners has all the right stuff to design and install the best roofs and siding systems for your particular home. And, after all, you can use the best products available, but without a proper installation, you are back at square one. If you are in the market for roofing or siding, please explore our product offerings here on our website or stop by our Palmerton showroom for a conversation and hands-on look at our products.


At HSP we specialize in Asphalt (shingle) roofing solutions. We offer a variety of manufactures products including a complete line of GAF shingles. In fact HSP is a certified MasterElite installer of GAF products. We also now offer metal roofing systems.

Asphalt shingles are currently the most popular type of residential roof material for a variety of reasons. They are relatively inexpensive, starting at around $0.80 per square foot installed and go up from there. Things that determine cost are geographical location, slope of the roof, height of the building, ease of access to the premises, complexity of the project, the particular type of shingle and numerous other factors. Asphalt shingles are very simple to install enabling many homeowners to do the work themselves. They come in a variety of colors and styles, are fairly durable (some have been tested and have achieved a class IV hail rating - the highest available!), and can be easily repaired and maintained.

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing parts of the roofing industry. Its popularity is increasing everywhere due to its many positive attributes. While a premium metal roof costs more initially than many other roofs, it can be a good investment in the long run. Not only are metal roofs long lasting, they can also increase a home’s resale value, decrease a home’s energy consumption (by up to 40%!), and in some areas, reduce the home owner insurance premiums immensely.

Channeling water from a roof is a vital part of protecting any home from moisture damage. Keeping the base of your homes walls and the ground adjacent to them can help ensure dry foundations and water free basements. Choosing and installing the best system for your roof and location is what we do well. Need leaf and debris protection? More downspotting? Underground channeling? Or how about beautifying with Copper? Let us help you create and install the perfect compliment to your roof.

Skylights are a great way to reduce lighting costs in your home. As expert roofers HSP can install them and ensure your skylight product will perform maintenance-free for years to come. And, skylights can be installed while constructing a new roof or into an existing roof. Ask us about the variety of solutions we offer.


Finding that perfect look for the exterior of your home is not only about color, it is also about texture, size, thickness and accessories. At HSP our experienced sales staff will help you choose the right combination of vinyl siding and accents to create that “dream home” look you have always wanted. We are skilled at adding just the right touches to your siding choice such as brick, stucco or stone to compliment your vinyl installation.

Whether your goal is to make your home maintenance free or it just needs a makeover, Georgia Pacific vinyl siding has a product for you. With an array of 12 colors and several style/size options, there is a GP vinyl siding to suit every application need. At HSP we also use GP vinyl scallops and New World vinyl Shakes to accent your home and create a look that will set it apart from all the others.

Our professional staff is knowledgeable about new products that when added to your vinyl siding job can accent your home and make it unique. Products such as:

Cellwood Shutters which come in 8 colors and panel or louver style.

Fypon Moulded Millwork windowheads, door pediments and gable louvers to enhance the look of your vinyl siding job. Fypon Fascia dentil mouldings to get the old-fashioned Victorian look.

Mid-America Siding Components to match or contrast siding color. Used for installing lights, dryer vents, soffit vents, electrical outlets, exterior water faucets and more.

Another factor to consider when doing a vinyl siding job is Energy Efficiency. Our staff will assess your home and possibly recommend installing Tyvek House Wrap before installing your new GP vinyl siding. Tyvek is a product used as a wind barrier to help cut down on drafts and is commonly used in the building and renovation industry. Another product that can help with the energy efficiency of your home is a ½” thick insulation foamboard installed under your vinyl siding. This not only acts as an insulator but also helps with any imperfections in the house sheathing that could cause waves in the siding.