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Windows and Doors

Let in what you want. | Keep out the rest.

Light, air, guests, intruders - For the most part your windows and doors are the gateway from outside to inside and an important investment in comfort and security.

When building or remodeling a home, people often do not consider the importance of windows and doors. That's too bad, because they not only play a huge functional role in the home, they are the only building product that impacts the look of both the interior and exterior.

On the outside, windows can be defining elements in the architectural style of the home, adding drama and distinction. Studies show a more stylish entry door can add to the perceived value of the home.

On the inside, windows provide natural light and ventilation, of course. They also bring the outside in, allowing us to enjoy nature from the comfort of our sofa. Imagine drinking your morning coffee, and how enjoyable it would be to look out to the backyard through a wall of glass. Today's windows and doors enable you to do it, without feeling the cold drafts of winter or the hot rays of the sun in summer.

Windows and doors are available with a huge number of style options and finishes to meet a wide variety of tastes. Grids and grilles can be added to provide added detail to the home. Decorative glass, including leaded and stained glass designs, can add unique charm to a home. Windows and doors can be supplied pre-finished in numerous colors and even non-wood products can be provided in numerous choices of woodgrain looks. And, today, even window and door hardware can be coordinated with other hardware in the home, whether it's antique brass, brush nickel or any number of stylish finishes.

Today's windows and doors are also designed for low maintenance. Vinyl products, for example, never need painting and can be easily cleaned with the occasional wipe of a wet cloth. Wood windows and doors, today, are offered with exterior cladding that eliminates the regular need for repainting on the outside. There's even new low-maintenance glass options, that use the sun's rays and a little rain to keep the outside clean.

Although at Home Solutions Partners we can order and install windows and doors from any manufacturer, we are proud to partner with quality local manufactures such as Interstate.